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The End of our Exploring: The Trailer and Sample Chapters

July 1st, 2013 | 1 min read

By Matthew Lee Anderson

Well, here’s this thing. 

The book is officially shipping from Amazon and other retailers and being automagically delivered to Kindle and Nook devices.  People are taking it up and reviewing it on Goodreads and elsewhere.  For instance, Paul Putz compares me to “Mos Def,” an allusion that is strange to me.  Perhaps this “Mos Def” is an obscure Islamic writer from the 15th century, or perhaps an obscure Polynesian poet.  Who can know? (All that, dear friends, is a joke.)

But there is fun to be had even by those who are not quite yet convinced to take up and read the entire book.  The good folks at Moody have made two different excerpts of the book available.  The first you have to get by downloading Orthodoxy, while the second is available as a PDF at their website. They will give you a taste of things, which I hope is not counterproductive to sales.

And then there is the above, of course, which I will let speak for itself—and so be done.