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Technologizing the Presidency: David All and the Republicans Online

February 19th, 2007 | 1 min read

By Matthew Lee Anderson

If you want to be President of the United States, you need a lot of friends.  MySpace friends, that is.  And Republicans seem to be way behind. 

Check out if you don’t believe me. 

David All, of the David All Group, lamented the slowness of Republicans to adopt the new media in last week’s FRC Conference Call.  He pointed to the disparity between Republicans and Democrats and suggested that the Republicans haven’t promoted their profiles to their own base.  They see them as important, but not essential, which is a painful blunder on their part.

And he’s right.  In a perfectly appropriate analogy, All suggested that getting a “friend” on MySpace is like planting a virtual sign in their yard.  Of course, planting a real virtual flag in people’s real virtual yards–a phrase that is intentional in its contradictions–is next, with candidates moving into SecondLife.

In some ways, though, Republicans can be forgiven.  After all, it is only the primary (and hey, Newt hasn’t even decided if he’s running yet!).  But it’s not an encouraging start to what will no doubt be a difficult presidential campaign.  Here’s an early prediction:  instead of voter fraud, we’ll see MySpace friend fraud, in order to increase candidates positions in the eyes of their competitors and the media.  After all, it’s as good as exit polling!