Tag: Winter 2022

Hobbits and Empire: Geography and the Life of Nations in Tolkien’s Writings

As we journey through J.R.R. Tolkien’s world of Middle-earth, we find a remarkable variety of distinctive landscapes, from the rural towns of the Shire, to the abandoned halls of Moria, the Elvish tree-city of Lothlórien, the Forest of Drúadan, the...

/ May 10, 2022

The Case for the Christian Liberal Arts in a Polarized, Fractious Age

Physicist Leonard Mlodinow opens his entertaining book The Drunkard’s Walk with the story of a lottery winner whose lucky ticket ended with the number 48.[1]  However, according to the contestant, luck had nothing to do with it. Claiming clairvoyance, they dreamt the...

/ May 9, 2022

Food and the Life of the Nations

We are not simply the users of creation; we are, all of us, called to be its offerers. The world will be lifted, as it was always meant to be, by our priestly love. We can, you see, take it...

/ May 6, 2022

Imperial Migrations

The question I dislike the most is, “Where are you from?” My Eastern-European accent usually gives away the fact that I am not, should I say, local. Now that I live on the East Coast, I am often tempted to...

/ May 5, 2022

When Belief is Agony

I love being a Christian. I mean, I love Jesus too. But I also love all the rest of it: Brunch after church with friends, hylomorphism, late-night Eucharist on Christmas Eve, and carols and stollen and roast beef and friends’...

/ May 4, 2022

Marilynne Robinson Imagines the Soul of America

Living there, you’ll be free, if you truly wish to be.” ~Gene Wilder, Pure Imagination The frigid breeze gusting through downtown Des Moines, Iowa, did little to help the Democratic Nominee for President, Joe Biden, as he struggled to project...

/ May 3, 2022

On Healing: Learning from Separatists

The idea of a black nation seems so far-fetched as to be ludicrous, but if you entertain it for a minute, even as an impossible dream, it should give you a feeling of wholeness and belonging you’ve never had and...

/ May 2, 2022

People Flourish Together: Introducing Issue #2 on Nations and Nationalism

People flourish together. That is the animating conviction behind this edition of Mere Orthodoxy. Because it is not good for us to be alone, it follows that we must needs be bound to one another in relationships of love, mutuality,...

/ May 2, 2022