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Detective Fiction and the Fun of Orthodoxy

We’re a little late for Agatha Christie’s 125th birthday, which was last Tuesday, but all the same I’m delighted to share this fun piece from Matthew Mellema, a new guest writer for us at Mere Orthodoxy. Matt is a lawyer specializing...

/ September 21, 2015

On GK Chesterton and Chicken Vindaloo

An introduction to Chesterton is old hat for Mere O readers. But I’m posting this because this is the draft of a talk I plan to give as an intro to GKC when I lead a reading group at my...

/ April 13, 2015

Reading through Chesterton’s Orthodoxy: “The Ethics of Elfland” and “The Flag of the World”

In the first post of this series, Matthew Lee Anderson and I described the merits of G.K. Chesterton and his book Orthodoxy. We also invited you to read along and discuss the latest section of the reading plan with us each week. Previously, we...

/ August 28, 2013

A Summer Reading Guide for the Mere-O Reader

Editor’s note:  Few folks are in tune with recent publications like my friend Christopher Benson.  I invited him to survey some of the recent releases that might be of interest to Mere-O readers this summer.  Below are his recommendations.  A...

/ July 3, 2012