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Our Impoverished Imaginations: The World of Jen Hatmaker

Last week Jen Hatmaker, a prominent evangelical author who most recently featured on the Belong Tour with several other notable evangelical women, gave an interview to RNS focused primarily around politics and the 2016 election. Amongst other things, they covered issues...

/ November 1, 2016

Purity as Branding in the Evangelical Sub-Culture

After Ruth Graham’s interview with Joshua Harris last week in Slate there was, once again, the predictable round of discussion on social media and in the blogosphere about evangelical “purity culture,” as it existed in youth ministries during the late 80s...

/ September 2, 2016

A Faith of our Own: A Review of Jonathan Merritt’s New Book

Jonathan Merritt is a friend, someone who I think very highly of and who has been enormously kind to me.  We don’t always agree, as I outline in my review of his new book A Faith of our Own, but...

/ May 25, 2012