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Only One Center: Reorienting Evangelical Theology on Christ

If evangelicals have a singular strength, it is a willingness to disagree over secondary issues while agreeing on the centrality of the gospel, inerrancy, and conversionism. This has given us enormous flexibility to cooperate on missions, charity, social justice, and...

/ August 21, 2012

Charmlessness unto Godliness

I have recently found myself immersed in learning a hard lesson, much too slowly. It seems to have started with a lecture I heard at Wheatstone, in which John Mark Reynolds urged, as a side note to his topic, to...

/ August 13, 2012

Friendship and Publicly Disagreeing with the FRC: Updated–FRC Responds to Critics

We have heard much recently about the negative effects of partisanship on Christianity’s public witness.  And for good reason:  the partisan mind, the peculiar disposition to distrust another person’s arguments simply because of their source, is genuinely inhibitive of effective...

/ June 19, 2012