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The Politics of the Christmas Truce

On December 24, 1914 a group of German soldiers near the western front along the border between France and Belgium set down their guns and began scavenging in the space behind their trench in search of trees. Due to what...

/ April 9, 2015

With a grin: rejecting the victim’s stance

One of the great follies of our day is that every group’s story has become a tragedy. Our society has increasingly embraced a discourse of victimization, in which every subculture tends to define itself in terms of grievances created by...

/ October 10, 2012

A Faith of our Own: A Review of Jonathan Merritt’s New Book

Jonathan Merritt is a friend, someone who I think very highly of and who has been enormously kind to me.  We don’t always agree, as I outline in my review of his new book A Faith of our Own, but...

/ May 25, 2012