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Rise up, wretched man: enough tears have flowed.

June 3rd, 2019 | 15 min read

By Susannah Black

Herakles 2019 Poster Mono.jpg

Several months ago, I went with a group of friends– mostly church people, from Emmanuel Anglican– to see a production of Euripides’ Herakles, in the original Greek, directed by our friend Caleb Simone. It was part of his doctoral work, with reconstructed music and choreography, and felt like nearly a church project: one of Caleb and Ashley’s sons played one of Herakles and Megara’s children; our pastor’s eldest son played another; our friend Edmond Rochat did the painting for the poster; half the people there were Christian.

Susannah Black

Susannah Black received her BA from Amherst College and her MA from Boston University. She is an editor at Mere Orthodoxy, Plough Quarterly, The Davenant Institute’s journal Ad Fontes, and Fare Forward. Previously, she was associate editor at Providence. She's a founding editor of Solidarity Hall and is on the boards of the Distributist Review, The Davenant Institute, and The Simone Weil Center. Her writing has appeared in First Things, The Distributist Review, Solidarity Hall, Providence, Amherst Magazine, Front Porch Republic, Ethika Politika, The Human Life Review, The American Conservative, Mere Orthodoxy, Fare Forward, and elsewhere. She blogs at Radio Free Thulcandra and tweets at @suzania. A native Manhattanite, she is now living in Queens.