Stephen Colbert and Bart Ehrman

Ehrman of revisionist fame, of course.  And Colbert of late-night comedy show cynicism fame.

Best line?  “What’s the son of a duck?  It’s a duck.”

Runner up?  “Isn’t it just possible that you’re missing the point, and that Jesus is an elephant?”

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Bart Ehrman
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HT: Rhett

  • christofmeyer

    Mr. Anderson… I keep reading your blog for moments like this. Thanks for bringing this my attention. My vision of Christianity is not any fuller thanks to this – but it is certainly richer.

    Colbert is such a bizarre guy that I can’t take him seriously but, still, occasional moments like this make me wonder aloud whether he might actually be a serious thinker.

    Is there a seriousness on the other side of silliness that’s much deeper than my seriousness? Maybe.

  • Christof,

    Apparently, the guy teaches sunday school in his local parish and is a devout Catholic. He’s to the left of where I am, but I like him a lot and watch him as much as I can.


  • @mxbx

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