Dorothy Sayers, one of the most intelligent lay-theologians of the 20th century, a member of the famous Inklings and a first-rate mystery writer, wrote a piece called “The Dogma is the Drama” contained in the collection Letters to a Diminished Church. In it, she passionately argues that theology is dramatic and beautiful, a crucial part of living life well. However, she laments the fact that so few actually understand Christian dogma or doctrine.

I haven’t had time to do much blogging lately because of my teaching responsibilities (term paper time!) and because of other commitments. So I thought I’d let Sayers do some speaking. Below is a sample from what she thought the “average” persons might put on an examination paper about Christian doctrine. I’ll start with her hilarious entry on “God the Holy Spirit.”


A: I don’t know exactly. He was never see or heard of till Whitsunday. There is a sin against him that damns you for ever, but nobody knows what it is.

I’ll try to stay away from whatever that sin is until the next time…

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Posted by Matthew Lee Anderson

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