Earlier this spring, I had the opportunity to write up my thoughts on the generational shifts in evangelicalism (see also the related conversation here and here).  The most recent issue of The City resurrected that conversation in the form of a forum between me, John Mark Reynolds, and Francis Beckwith.  The reader will, I trust, forgive me for feeling a bit like the gods had descended upon me while I was unprepared.  Beckwith and Reynolds are  intellectual heroes and models, so it was especially an honor to have them comment.   And see also Matthew Milliner’s (who also has a perceptive book review in the issue) gracious review (yes, a trident!).  I only wish I had seen this post by him prior to writing my article, as he and I cover much of the same ground.

As I don’t know whether the full text of the conversation will be made available online, I encourage you to subscribe to the journal.    Outside of my contribution, this issue has established it as a ‘must read’ along with First Things and Touchstone.

And speaking of Milliner, he recently articulated  the ‘youngest evangelical’ response to what he aptly describes as ‘slacker Christianity.’  I have little to add, other than that I suspect this movement is largely confined to the (growing) ‘young, restless, and Reformed’ crowd.  The homeschooling movement, which was largely Reformed in orientation, emerged along with the emerging church, and it has been marked by the sort of careerist anti-adolescence that the Brothers Harris exemplify.  Much like their brother, the Harris’ have been able to tap into a rising sentiment within the young Reformed.

That said, I am on board with destroying adolescence, and for that I think the sort of reactionism of the Brothers Harris less destructive than the Miller led alternative.

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Posted by Matthew Lee Anderson

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