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Prophets at Large

September 22nd, 2020 | 2 min read

By Caleb Wait

The pitfalls surrounding our public speech and proclamations are many: Why is it that we avoid topics so as to appease certain constituencies, and why is it that we are more than happy to engage others and make a show out of the speck in another’s eye? The full cast and crew of Matt, Derek, Alastair, and Andrew sitdown to discuss these issues and divulge when and why they each decide to speak out on a given topic.

This episode is sponsored by Lexham Press. Mere Fidelity is excited to announce our new partnership with Lexham, a publisher that seeks to increase biblical literacy, thoughtful Christian reflection, and faithful action around the world by publishing a range of Bible study materials, scholarly works, and pastoral resources.


Lexham sponsorship + Live Q&A Show Announcement: [0:00 – 3:35]

How do we speak to our own communities, where we have real responsibilities, rather than other groups’ issues, sins, problems, etc.?  [3:35 – 9:40]

Identifying our contexts and the contexts of those we aim to speak to [9:40 – 12:42]

The necessity that one has to be willing to alienate their “audience” [12:42 – 15:40]

Limitations on public rebukes [15:40 – 20:25]

Online prophets as platform builders [20:25 – 27:26]

Recapturing the category of scandal [27:26 – 32:09]

Some Obediahs, some Elijahs [36:35 – 41:38]

When and why we choose to speak out on something [41:38 – 47:30]

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