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Passages Season 1: The Passages Score

June 9th, 2021 | 1 min read

By Joshua Heavin

Passages Score

If you have enjoyed listening to Passages, as we have sought to pass on the story of the Nicene faith handed down to us, you have probably noticed the thoughtful music used in every episode. Many listeners have asked us where this beautiful, reverent score is drawn from.

As a labor of love, believing in what we were trying to accomplish, Aaron Feeney composed and recorded the original music used on Passages. Aaron has created a BandCamp page where you can download this wonderful album; if you are unfamiliar with BandCamp, you can download the album for £5(GBP), which is about $6.92 (USD), but you can also donate a greater amount if you are so inclined.

We are inexpressibly grateful for the time and care that Aaron devoted to making Passages far more professional and enjoyable than it would have been otherwise. This album will make for thoughtful and appropriate music as you read, write, study, and ponder. Aaron also welcomes inquiries on his Patreon page for similar such work for composition and recording.

Joshua Heavin

Joshua Heavin received his PhD at the University of Aberdeen (Trinity College Bristol), is an adjunct professor at Houston Baptist University and the King’s College NYC, and is a postulant in the Anglican Diocese of the South (ACNA).