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On Orthodoxy, Chapters Two and Three

August 21st, 2013 | 1 min read

By Matthew Lee Anderson

Trevin Wax and I are keeping up our conversation about Chesterton’s Orthodoxy.  We’re bouncing back over to his place this time around, and I encourage you to chime in with your comments there.

The previous discussion on the introduction here at Mere-O went off fantastically, I thought.

It made me realize yet again just how deeply Chesterton’s outlook has influenced my own work.  I found myself resisting the temptation to lead every comment with, “As I say in my book…”  I let it go once, and then realized it would become a rather irritating trend.  But many of the threads of the conversation did move my thoughts off into that direction, so if you are reading along with us then I would encourage you to continue on there.

If you haven’t been reading along, though, there is still time to catch up.  We’re going slowly, so feel free to dive in part way.