Is there a theological system that includes future promises regarding Israel that is not dispensational? Dr. Gerald McDermott is here to introduce Derek and Alastair to ‘New Christian Zionism.’



Announcement for a live meetup at ETS in San Diego [0:00 – 3:00]

What the New Christian Zionism is and how it differs from dispensationalism [3:00 – 8:00]

Dr. McDermott’s argument for why Israel needs a unique future regarding its land [8:00 – 13:00]

How are Old Testament promises fulfilled and not fulfilled in the NT? [13:00 – 16:07]

A sketch of the various positions held regarding Israel today [16:07 – 19:17]

Nuancing the term supersessionism [19:17 – 26:00]

How Christians relate to unbelieving Jews today + the view that a large portion of Jews will convert before the 2nd Advent [26:00 – 36:10]

How this view incorporates the fact that all Gentiles have Abraham as their spiritual father, what the role all of the other nations have in redemptive history + Conclusion [37:20 – 46:30]

Resources mentioned:

Israel Matters: Why Christians Must Think Differently about the People and the Land by Gerald McDermott

The New Christian Zionism: Fresh Perspectives on Israel and the Land, ed. by Gerald McDermott

The ‘Via Media‘ Podcast with Dr. Gerald McDermott

The Theopolis Institute’s conversations on the Future of Israel

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