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Mere Fidelity: The Trinity and the Bible, with Fred Sanders

June 10th, 2014 | 2 min read

By Matthew Lee Anderson

Three things worth noting:

First, we are joined this week by our first guest! Fred Sanders is doubtlessly known to many people on this blog, given my constant flogging of his work.  You can read my review of his excellent book The Deep Things of God here, and check out his work at Scriptorium Daily.

Full disclosure:  I’m currently employed by Torrey Honors. But I am not hyperbolizing when I say that Scriptorium Daily has been one of the sanest and most refreshing places in the Christian blogging world the past three months.

Mere FidelitySecond, our sincere apologies for the sound quality.  We’ve been talking about how best to do this and we hope to have a better solution in place by next week.  Pray for us, now and in the hour of our technical difficulties.

Finally, next week we’re going to be taking up the first chapter of Oliver O’Donovan’s Begotten or Made?  You won’t have to buy or read the book for the discussion to be interesting, but it would obviously enhance and deepen your experience.  In case you’re not quite convinced, I’ll note that the book has the single best chapter ever written from a theological standpoint on transgender questions. We’ll be taking that up in a few weeks.

Thanks for listening, as always.