Most of the usual crew join this conversation on liturgical forms of worship. They’re talking about a two part series by Alastair Roberts (part one is here, part two will be added when it is published). Interestingly, this isn’t the first time these folks have talked about liturgy; check out this post that details a Twitter conversation between Alastair and Derek.

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Finally, as always, follow Derek, and Alastair for more tweet-sized brilliance.  And thanks to Timothy Motte for his sound editing work. Matt is on Twitter too, believe it or not.

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  1. […] Our latest Mere Fidelity podcast is on the subject of liturgical formation and the use of liturgies from the past. It takes up the themes that I address in my Theopolis Institute post from last week and in the post that will follow it tomorrow. Within the podcast, I mention this post in which I discuss Louis-Marie Chauvet’s discussion of the ways in which the traditional practice of baptism functions in different forms of popular understanding. This conversation on the subject of Lent with Jake Meador from last year might also be of interest to some. […]


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