This week, Derek and Alastair chat with Mark Jones. The discussion topic? Submission in the Trinity.

You may have guessed that this is the sort of show that comes with homework. You’re more or less right. Here are some background articles worth reading:

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Posted by JF Arnold

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  • William Doolittle

    Bruce McCormack has been presenting on the topic of the eternal humiliation of the Son for a few years now. His cv says that he’s working on a book, “The Humility of the Eternal Son: An Outline of Reformed Kenotic Christology” (The Thomas F. Torrance Lectures for 2007), and I wonder what that might add or take away from this conversation. I remember listening to one talk where he warned complementarians against someday using his work to support the complementarian position.

  • hoosier_bob

    Thanks for featuring this issue. ESS has always struck me as a rather apparent departure from basic Nicene orthodoxy. It says something about the sorry state of evangelicalism when we’re willing to discard the Nicene creed in an effort to conjure up biblical support for hierarchical gender roles.

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