(Update: I accidentally posted last year’s episode. The error has been corrected, and I apologize for it.)

Merry Christmas! Well, presuming that you haven’t had N.T. Wright steal away your Christmas fun. The usual crew shows up this week to discuss this article by Peter Leithart (a self-proclaimed Grinch of sorts).

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Posted by JF Arnold


  1. This is last year’s episode.


  2. […] this week’s episode of Mere Fidelity, Andrew, Derek and I discuss the relationship between the Christmas of history and […]


  3. I hadn’t heard last year’s episode… but now I have! (So thanks for the error.)


  4. Loved the thoughts about what we might lose if we remove the Nativity from our cultural expressions in order to replace it in its own cultural background. However, wouldn’t we, by “losing” some now only gain more in return when understand the Nativity more accurately?

    Thanks again! Your discussion and back-and-forth helps spark my own pondering and writing.

    Grace and Peace!


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