In this episode, Andrew Wilson returns to the show! Alastair and Derek talk to him about the subject of his dissertation: the relationship between warnings and assurance in 1 Corinthians.

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Posted by JF Arnold


  1. […] Wilson’s defence of his PhD thesis is this week, so we decided that this episode of Mere Fidelity would be devoted to discussing his work, on the subject of warnings and assurance in the book of 1 […]


  2. In the discussion on the judgment passages, it seemed like the discussion started with a primary and important question, which was – are the judgment passages typically talking about actual “turn or burn” judgment (as Derek phrased it), or (as Derek seemed to be arguing) are most of the judgment passages in 1 Cor actually about varying level of rewards in heaven. The question that got most of the discussion then is whether the notion of varying levels of reward also occurs in the NT. I think that’s an arguable point – but I think the earlier question is much more important to get right. I think Derek’s argument for most of those passages is exegetically improbable (really I wanted to say impossible, but perhaps that’s too much). My sense is that, even within the disagreement about varying degrees of reward, both Alastair and Andrew agreed that the judgment passages really are more of the “turn or burn” variety. I think that’s an important point to emphasize. The judgment passages ought to come across as a bit scary to do the work Paul has for them. Varying degrees of reward in heaven just seems foreign to most of those passages.


  3. C. Quinn-Jones June 3, 2016 at 12:57 pm

    Another interesting discussion…and congratulations, Andrew, on passing your viva!


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