How have black protestant’s responded to their lynchings through American history? Malcolm Foley (PhD Candidate in Religion at Baylor University and Director of Discipleship at Mosaic Waco) joins Matt and Derek to discuss his research on this issue and how it illumines some of the current events surrounding George Floyd, protests, unrest, and racism in America.


American Lynchings [0:00 – 9:32]

African-American’s hope amidst despair [9:32 – 16:43]

The white protestant response to African-American lynchings [16:43 – 20:17]

The multiple variables in the deaths of those like George Floyd [20:17 – 26:19]

What has generated change in the past? [26:19 – 35:00]

How to respond to those co-opting the protests around George Floyd [35:00 – 43:20]

Disentangling ourselves from extreme as well as trepid figures and voices [43:20 – 51:58]


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  1. I am so thankful for this episode, especially with Matt’s questions about responding to the protests at 35 minutes. I am a part of an Acts29 church family and I’ve noticed deep divide that seems to follow generational lines: our older members are suspicious of the BLM and these protests and our younger members are very frustrated with our older members’ perceived callousness to the “original intent” of BLM. I guess my question is, how can we as the church have a positive stance right now? If not BLM, and I think there are a lot of reasons for not BLM, then how do we address this moment with the gospel? Does that make any sense?



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