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Joy and the Task of Theology

August 18th, 2020 | 1 min read

By Caleb Wait

What is the best polemical posture? Or are there ways to creatively rearticulate the truths of the faith that prevent the necessity of polemics in the first place? The full cast and crew of Matt, Derek, Alastair, and Andrew sit down to discuss these questions and a host of others about how to engage theological trends and care for those struggling in the church.


Theology as an act of creative re-articulation [0:00 – 5:25]

What about the place of polemics in theology? [5:25 – 10:00]

What creative and cheerful theology looks like in practice [10:00 – 20:00]

Creative re-articulation as a means of hospitality [20:00 – 25:45]

Do well-executed creative formulas keep people in the church, and does failing to do them result in people leaving the faith [25:45 – 36:40]

The fundamental need for joy in our leaders rather than pessimism [36:40 – 46:20]

No, we are not defeatists [46:20 – 48:53]

Resources mentioned:

A Ballad of Suicide by G. K. Chesterton

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