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The Heavenly Significance of Singleness (and Marriage)

June 26th, 2023 | 14 min read

By Danielle Treweek

In his recent article, Does Singleness Show Heaven? author Matthew Capone argues there is no biblical warrant to conclude that singleness in this life witnesses to or anticipates the life to come. More than that, he concludes that earthly singleness is a “not good” reality whose only consistently unique comfort is found in the knowledge that it will one day cease.

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Danielle Treweek

Danielle Treweek is the Diocesan Research Officer for the Sydney Anglican Diocese, author of The Meaning of Singleness and founding director of the Single Minded Ministry. She is a graduate of  St Mark’s National Theological Centre (PhD), Moore Theological College (BDiv Hons) and the University of Sydney (BA).