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Get *End of our Exploring* for 50% Off and a Study Guide

October 1st, 2013 | 2 min read

By Matthew Lee Anderson

I’ve been grateful for the abundance of positive reviews that have come in for the book.

Among the most recent reviews was that by Alister McGrath in Christianity Today.  There’s lots to ruminate on there, but he also said this:  “I liked Anderson’s book and will not hesitate to recommend it, especially to pastors.”  That’s high praise from someone who has their own Wikipedia page.  It’s hard for me to imagine doing better, in fact.  It’s all very humbling.

End of Our Exploring
Still, I wanted to make it easy for groups of people to take up the book and read.  I’m told it’s being used in a few classrooms already (in Biola’s Masters of Apologetics program, for instance!) with great success.

Moody came up with the idea of a bulk discount, and so here you go:

  • Buy three or more books from Moody and your shipping is free and you get 40% off the cover price.
  • Buy ten or more books from Moody and your shipping is free and you get 50% off the cover price.

Of course, if you’re going to read a book with that many people you need something to help guide the conversations, right?  I mean, who just reads books and talks about them anymore?  That’s so blase.

So Moody and I put together the attached study guide for your use as well.  I am calling it “the greatest study guide in the history of study guides, forever and ever, Amen.”  Because it is.  Right?  

In all seriousness, I hope you take advantage of the chance to get a really good deal on the book.  Or that you’ll plead with, prod, poke, and push your small group leader or pastor to do the same.

(And for more details on the study guide, visit here!)