College debt, an economic crisis, and the potential problem of aristocratic elitism in classical education are just some of the issues facing Christian higher education today. Here to discuss these and more, Matt and Derek are joined by Dr. John Mark Reynolds as he shares about how he is addressing the current challenges in Christian higher education at St. Constantine’s College in Houston, TX.


An overview of St. Constantine’s College [0:00 – 4:20]

What unique spot is St. Constantine trying to fill? [4:20 – 12:04]

Dr. Reynold’s weariness about the classical Christian education movement [12:04 – 19:00]

What is a unique Humanities education trying to produce and equip students for, is it really practical, especially during a time of economic strain? [19:00 – 29:50]

Is this an elite education for the “ruling class”? [29:50 – 37:50]

Does this type of education still rest on an aristocratic elitism since it seems like it produces a luxury good? [37:50 – 45:48]

It seems like this education will make someone strange and should Christians embrace this? [45:48 – 54:09]


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