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Funny Swithfoot Video: Awakening

January 18th, 2009 | 1 min read

By Keith E. Buhler

Rock n' roll,

Virtual reality, on screen and cardboard diorama,

Refreshing self-deprecation,

80's retro,

Buster from Arrested Development,

Longing fulfilled, and childhood dreams,

Ironic reversals,

John Foreman singing his God-lovin' guts out,

The secret solidarity and sudden revelation of friendship...

Just a few of the inspired elements of this stylishly simple Switchfoot music video.

Switchfoot is still unlike any group out there... Quality, varied, emotionally honesty, excellent rock music that doesn't take itself too seriously, proving, along with Eden Espinosa of Wicked that Evangelical Christians have something that the 'Culture of Death' wants but cannot produce on its own: innocence.

For you Switchfoot fans, visit (or re-visit) this clever, playful, and generally refreshingly non-MTV music video.

Bonus: Do you know about their Nov. '08 release compilation album, "Switchfoot: The Best Yet"?