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Evolution does not apply to evolutionists

May 3rd, 2008 | 1 min read

By Keith E. Buhler

In a recent comment, the formidable Mr. Falk said, "The noteworthy thing about the universe is that everything appears to be explainable by immutable laws. As Einstein said, 'the miracle is that there are no miracles'"

Everything indeed appears to be explainable by immutable laws... Except for people. Psychology, that blessed pseudo-science, and sociology, its ugly step-sister, sometimes have very interesting and even surprisingly explanatory hypotheses, but nothing as of yet near the level of "immutable laws." Nor is there much hope of finding them via experimental research.
The "laws of human thought and behavior" insofar as they are put forth, are anything but empirical (much though they would like to be!) Insofar as they exist in any universal and agreed-upon form, are they not more intuitive, observational, introspective, and well... psychological?(I know, I know, you'll say "Neuroscience is still young and developing." Well, in the meantime, then, we have a lot of certain knowledge about science, and a lot of certain ignorance about scientists.... Unless of course we begrudingly step outside the monarchical realm of 'immutable laws' and start talking about relationships, persons, goals, virtues, values, happiness, and the deep demanding desire for knowledge. These are no less real than quarks and supernovas, but are much more mysterious.)

This is a glaring gap in the knowledge acquired by empirical scientific methods. Evolutionists have lots to say about lower life forms. Do they have anything authoritative to say about evolutionists?