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ETS Blogger Meet Up?

October 31st, 2006 | 1 min read

By Matthew Lee Anderson

So, it’s official. I am headed to the Evangelical Theological Society general meeting in Washington D.C. to shop a couple book proposals. It is my first time, so I am just a bit excited about going. It will be the second leg of a ten-day trip to the East Coast for me, a trip that will start with visiting the National Apologetics Conference in Charlotte.

Since more people than normal are reading Mere O right now, I thought I would mention that I would love to get together with any bloggers attending either conference, but especially ETS (since I think there will be a lot of us there).

In that vein, I propose lunch on Thursday, November 16th at a location to be determined as a time for bloggers who want to get together to chat and connect. Joe Carter mentioned he was interested, and I am sure we can get Roger Overton to come along. With those two guys in the room, who wouldn’t want to come? (I promise not to bother Joe with rants about universals.) Nothing formal, just doing what bloggers do best. In addition to lots of little meetings, it seems fun to get together all at once.
I’m obviously in a very small corner of the Christian blogosphere, so if you are interested, do me a favor and pass the word along. Also, if more experienced attendees of ETS think another time better, than I will submit to their wiser and more considered judgement. I don’t know if eating in the Hotel would be best, or if going out to lunch is a better idea (I’m open to both), so if anyone has any thoughts about that, they would be much appreciated.