Last week’s inaugural episode of “Casting Across the Pond” was so successful that Derek, Alastair, and Andrew turned around and did one again.

Two business items: first, we’re open to changing the name, if anyone has a better.  Put your suggestions in the comments below.  Second, many of you requested the ability to download them.  That’s now enabled for both episodes:  sorry for missing it the first time around!

This week’s conversation launches off from Zach Hunt’s open letter to John Calvin and Fred Sanders’s post at Scriptorium Daily.

As always, follow Derek, Alastair, and Andrew for smart thoughts on this and much more.

Special thanks to Christopher Hutton for his sound editing work on it. 

Posted by Matthew Lee Anderson

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  • My name suggestion: Radical Calvinists Host Authentic Thoughts Ever-Relevant with Zugzwanged

    • Well, that sounds like a winner to me.

    • jamesfarnold

      Or “R-CHATERZ” for short?

      • I confess to making a really lame #protfuture joke. But you can read it that way, too!

  • Nice PondCast.

  • Phil James

    It’s been my experience that because of the way in which American
    Evangelicals frame the gospel as simple anti-pelagianism (e.g. Warfield’s Plan
    of Salvation), those who are consciously Reformed place their understanding of
    election at the very heart of their thought. In other words, monergism is the
    gospel that the church is here to proclaim; and so it becomes the sun around
    which everything else revolves.

    I remember the epiphany that occurred after having just read Wright asking
    of his students ‘which God do you not believe in’, and then sitting in a Sunday
    School Class on Palm Sunday in which a church elder explained (authoritatively
    as elder) that we had to be careful. God was not truly sorry for Jerusalem (as
    Jesus’ tears might mislead us into believing). We know this because before the
    foundation of the world……

    It occurred to me that the circle I was a part of (and it is a huge circle
    in America) might be playing around the edges of Christological heresy in that
    they believe in a god who was up to something other than what we see in Jesus.
    If Christ is of one substance with the Father, then why are we allowing
    particular understandings of St. Paul to tweak away what we find in the

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  • adamsjohn

    One Pod in Three Persons :-)

  • All y’all are lame at naming things. Just saying. : )

  • If this is gonna be a regular thing, will there be a dedicated feed so I can add it to my podcast app?

  • Believer

    Could you please transcribe this podcast?