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Omnium Gatherum: Sports on Sunday, Kanye West, and the Death of New Atheism

November 12th, 2019 | 1 min read

By Caleb Wait

Derek, Alastair, and Matt catch up and talk about the miscellaneous issues they are seeing and experiencing today: Kid’s sports on Sundays, Kanye West, the problem of over-booked and busy schedules, the death of New-Atheism, and more.



Intro [0:00 – 1:45]

Derek is shown to be an aggressive Twitter-user / Kid’s sports on Sundays / Professionalization of youth sports culture [1:45 – 12:50]

Kanye West / Overbooked and over-scheduled adult life in the 21st-Century [12:50 – 22:22]

The Death of the New Atheists? / “Wokeness” / God’s justice in scripture / Commercialized authenticity outside and within the church [22:22 – 41:50]

Matt corners Derek and brings the discussion full circle to worship on Sunday + Conclusion [41:50 – 43:49]

Resources mentioned:

Article: “Why You Never See Your Friends Anymore,” by Judith Shulevitz

Video: “Kanye West Airpool Karaoke,” with James Corden



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