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Zach Hollifield gladly serves as Pastor of Young Adults at Red Mountain Community Church in Mesa, AZ where he lives with his wife Sydney and their children, Knox and Piper. He is a graduate of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

When Permanent Contraception Can Be Licit

Alex and Sarah are Christians who have been married for five years. They have 2 children and would like to have more. However, they feel called to adopt as the route to parenting more children. Their only hesitation is that...

/ October 3, 2022

A Surprisingly Therapeutic Reading of Cormac McCarthy

A global pandemic claiming millions of lives. An invasion of the largest European nation besides the one invading it resulting in the deaths of hundreds and hundreds of civilians including children. The countless “micro” and mundane atrocities we ourselves experience...

/ April 14, 2022