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Timon Cline is a graduate of Rutgers Law School, Westminster Theological Seminary, and Wright State University. His writing has appeared at National Review, American Spectator, Aero Magazine, American Greatness, and New Discourses, among others. He writes regularly at Conciliar Post and Modern Reformation and blogs at Patheos as The Cantankerous Calvinist. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife, Rachel. You can follow him on Twitter @ tlloydcline.

What Theonomy Gets Wrong About the Law

Theonomy talk has resurfaced. Perhaps, this is the Protestant-evangelical concomitant to the Integralist debate presently occupying politically astute Catholicism. I welcome it. If nothing else, it means that Christians are taking politics (and public morality) seriously again. A robust debate...

/ May 11, 2021