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Rebekah Curtis is a church lady and stay-at-home mom. She has written for a number of websites, magazines, and books, and is co-author of LadyLike (Concordia Publishing). She and her husband have eight children.

Headaches and Housekeeping, Somebody Likes Prince Caspian?

When I say that Prince Caspian is the best of the Chronicles of Narnia, I say it in the same way that I say I’d rather eat a chopped salad than anything else, or that my favorite pastime is going...

/ April 21, 2022

Honor Thy Boomer

Boomers have had all the luck of cod in a cask in recent generational warfare. Lyman Stone declared at The Atlantic that “The Boomers Ruined Everything.” Joseph Sternberg accuses the Boomer bloc of The Theft of a Decade, stealing Millenials’...

/ October 20, 2020