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Jonathan Leeman, an elder at Cheverly Baptist Church in Cheverly, MD, is the editorial director at 9Marks and the author, most recently, of The Rule of Love: How the Local Church Reflects God’s Love and Authority.


A Baptist Third Way for Political Theology

Author’s note: The following article is the first half of a chapter I have contributed to a book tentatively titled Explorations in Baptist Political Theology, edited by Thomas Kidd, Paul Miller, and Andrew Walker, to be published by B&H Academic...

/ January 31, 2022

Baptist Sacramentology and the Concern with Donatism

(1: Gavin Ortlund’s Initial Post, 2: Jonathan Leeman’s Response, 3: Gavin Ortlund’s Response) Gavin, Thanks for your elucidating and studied replies. Good conversation. Here are some brief responses to the various points you brought up. “The” Baptist View on Membership I was not...

/ January 8, 2019

Church Membership and the Definition of Baptism

(1: Gavin Ortlund’s Initial Post, 3: Gavin Ortlund’s Response, 4: Jonathan Leeman’s Final Response) Gavin, Thank you for the opportunity to interact with you on this matter. I’m grateful for you and our partnership in the gospel, and I remember your time...

/ January 4, 2019

Evangelicalism, Christian Identity, and Church Membership

A little while back one of my favorite preachers offered a long list of Christian books he recommends. It included excellent books about God and salvation and missions and the Christian life. But, strangely, it did not point to a...

/ December 17, 2018

Jonathan Leeman Responds to Our “Political Church” Review

Other posts in the series: Part 1 of Minich’s Review Part 2 of Minich’s Review 3 Ecclesiology Questions Joint Statements A few weeks ago we ran a two-part review of Jonathan Leeman’s new book Political Church. We are now giving Dr. Leeman...

/ June 27, 2016