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Jared Michelson (PhD, University of St Andrews) is the minister of Cornerstone Church in St Andrews, Scotland. He writes on matters broadly related to systematic theology and serves as an honorary chaplain at the University of St Andrews.

Power, the Trinity, and Abuse: Notes on the Rise and Fall of Mars Hill

Predictably, the lessons drawn from Christianity Today’s “The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill” vary according to the biases of the listener. Some of those ‘deconstructing’ see the Mars Hill saga as increasing conformation of the wholesale bankruptcy of evangelical...

/ January 25, 2022

Preaching as Confession

‘Three Vicars Talking’ is not what one expects to hear on BBC radio. The Reverends Richard Coles, Kate Bottley, and Giles Fraser pull back the curtain on the strange world of Anglican ministry, offering their audience a raw, unfiltered look...

/ March 16, 2021