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Jake Meador is the editor-in-chief of Mere Orthodoxy. He is a 2010 graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where he studied English and History. He lives in Lincoln, NE with his wife Joie, their daughter Davy Joy, and sons Wendell, Austin, and Ambrose. Jake's writing has appeared in Commonweal, Christianity Today, Fare Forward, the University Bookman, Books & Culture, First Things, National Review, Front Porch Republic, and The Run of Play and he has written or contributed to several books, including "In Search of the Common Good," "What Are Christians For?" (both with InterVarsity Press), "A Protestant Christendom?" (with Davenant Press), and "Telling the Stories Right" (with the Front Porch Republic Press).

“Victimization” Studies and the Evangelical Conscience

A bit more background on me: My focus during my undergraduate career was post-colonial African history. Someday I want to go to grad school to continue studying it. Depending on the program I get in, I might be able to...

/ June 9, 2010

Lousy Trailers and Sewage-filled Ponds

There were a thousand reasons to hate the small campsite nine friends and I called home for three days last summer. Our “cabin” was more like a trailer. There were four mattresses and ten of us – and making room...

/ June 9, 2010