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Rev. Dr. Jeff Liou serves on staff with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship as Director of Theological Formation. Jeff is co-author of the AACC “Statement Against Anti-Asian Racism in a Time of COVID 19,” and has worked as a pastor, university chaplain, and adjunct professor. He earned his PhD from Fuller Theological Seminary, where he studied the intersection of race and theology. Jeff has contributed chapters to books on Asian American Christianity and ethics in pastoral ministry. He will be copublishing, along with Robert Chao Romero, "Christianity and Critical Race Theory" (Baker Academic, 2023). Jeff lives in Southern California with his wife, Lisa, and their two children.

Critical Race Theory, Campus Culture, and Reformed Theology

No diploma and no graduation, that was the punishment. Five students had organized a large public protest on their university campus. A scholar who opposed the #blacklivesmatter movement had come to their school to deliver a public lecture. In response,...

/ June 27, 2022