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Josh Fenska serves as lead pastor at Redeemer Community Church in Aurora. Josh and Katie are raising 5 kids, the younger 2 joining their family via adoption. Josh serves on the steering committee for the Chicago Chapter of The Gospel Coalition, and also serves in this area with the Acts 29 Church Planting Network. He has two degrees from Wheaton College and is currently working toward a Doctor of Ministry degree at Western Seminary in Portland.

What Augustine Might Say to Someone Deconstructing

In my early twenties, I dove deep into questions and doubts about the Christian faith. After hundreds of Sundays, countless youth programs, and a few years at a Christian college, I began dismantling many things I had always assumed. Today...

/ August 18, 2022

Thin Discipleship

co-authored with Bob Stevenson We are experiencing a crisis in American evangelicalism. Responses to issues such as partisan politics, police brutality, or the pandemic demonstrate deep “fault lines” — as one author has recently argued. One explanation argues that these...

/ June 9, 2021