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John B. Carpenter, Ph.D., is pastor of Covenant Reformed Baptist Church, in Danville, VA. and the author of Seven Pillars of a Biblical Church (2022).

Ruth’s Prequel to the Christmas Story

Every good story has a good back-story. Ridley Scott made two prequels to his popular Alien franchise. This past year Amazon offered Rings of Power to the Lord of the Rings trilogy as a prequel. The Godfather had The Godfather...

/ December 23, 2022

Esther and the Theology of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is our most Christian holiday. Just ask the Puritans. They did not give us Thanksgiving as an annual holiday after a great feast to celebrate a year of survival in America and then say, “This was fun, let’s do...

/ November 23, 2022

Ecclesiastes’ Cure for Depression

Twenty years ago, I was depressed. I was 37 years old living in a nice home in Kentucky. Just a couple of months earlier I thought I was set up for the life I had been working so hard for....

/ October 12, 2022

Objects of Doubt

Three months to live. That was what my father heard when he went into the Mayo clinic for treatment for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in the Spring of 1986. That proved accurate. My father made his living on the business-side of health...

/ September 2, 2022