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Top 13 Book Hacks for the Library Crowd

One of my favorite blogs is Lifehacker, where the motto is “Don’t live to geek, geek to live.” Though not quite a geek myself, I enjoy perusing the site’s daily diet of surprisingly helpful tips for making time on the...

/ June 19, 2007

An “Almighty” Movie or a Diluvian Disaster?

Tom Shadyac is one of the most interesting and least appreciated Christian filmmakers in Hollywood. And I can’t figure out why basically no one in the Christian community knows this. Liar Liar was an great moral portrait of a man...

/ June 4, 2007

500 Years of Women in Art — in 3 Minutes

A lovely video slide-show has shown up on YouTube which runs through 500 years worth of paintings depicting feminine beauty. The viewing experience is quite mesmerizing, as the video’s creator melds each successive face with a fluid ease. (The classical...

/ May 25, 2007

Brilliant Play, Brilliant Faith

One of the world’s best footballers–the deadly Brazilian striker, Kaka–will attempt to lead AC Milan to victory today over a tough Liverpool squadfor the UEFA Champions League title. (You can see highlights of his role in dismantling Manchester United during...

/ May 23, 2007

“Amazing Grace,” Wilberforce, & The New York Times

As Andrew Selby has already noted, “Amazing Grace” looks to be a pretty good film. But as much as I look forward to seeing the film, it’s been much more entertaining to see how some members of the secular press...

/ February 23, 2007

Zeus vs. “The One”, or Why We Should Lay Off the Neoplatonic Whipping Boy

My wife and I have recently been having a long-running dialog on the nature and application of prayer. So it was with great interest that I read Lauren Winner’s review of two books on prayer in the latest issue of...

/ February 19, 2007

By Zeus! Greeks are worshipping the ancient gods again!

From the UK’s Guardian earlier this month: By Zeus! After a break of 16 centuries, Greek pagans are worshiping the ancient gods again – despite furious opposition from the Orthodox church. Helena Smith asks them why they’re so keen to...

/ February 11, 2007

In Defense of Puck

You’re late for work, but you can’t find your car keys. You walk down the street and suddenly trip over nothing. You turn to sit in your chair, only to fall flat on your bum. Your printer jams minutes before...

/ November 6, 2006

Invisible Cats and the Brokeback Redemption

Why are Marty McFly and Doc Brown casting lingering glances at each other? Why is that hug between Maverick and Iceman lasting so long? It’s all part of the latest online phenomenon of Brokeback Spoofs. These creative online video mash-ups...

/ March 12, 2006

How to Lead a Discussion

Want to learn how to have a great discussion? Our own bright-eyed Keith Buhler leads the way at wikiHow. (The article is now posted on the wikiHow’s front page as a featured article.)

/ February 10, 2006