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Hinterland: Review of an Apocalypse

Shattered souls and ruined lives are the plot, and the ever-burgeoning, post-industrial wastelands created by the forces of global capitalism are the setting in Phil A. Neel’s gripping and brutal new book Hinterland: America’s New Landscape of Class and Conflict....

/ January 27, 2020

Buhari Regime Underwrites Corruption and Persecution in Nigeria

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari’s re-election victory in February of this year was in many ways a surprise. His first term’s report card included a failing economy, rising violence, higher unemployment, and almost no progress in tackling corruption and lawlessness. This...

/ July 12, 2019

Friends, Enemies, and the Anti-Christian Right

After the astonishing election of Donald Trump and the rise of the new Right that followed in its wake, the principles which for decades had held the conservative movement together lay in ruin. Trump redrew the electoral map and transfigured...

/ May 2, 2019

Love in the Time of Jordan Peterson

The decline of marriage in the United States has become a cause for hand wringing, especially among our ruling class of centrist pundits who man the battlestations of our nation’s indispensable middle-brow newspapers. The emerging conventional wisdom? The current, well...

/ April 4, 2019