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Colin Chan Redemer is an Adjunct Associate Professor at Saint Mary’s College of California and the Vice President of the Davenant Institute. More of his writing on labor and solidarity can be found in "Protestant Social Teaching" published by the Davenant Press:

The Act of Love That Preserves All Other Acts of Love

We are told that shortly a great many jobs will cross the event horizon of the techno-singularity, and thus will, like a ship passing over the actual horizon, disappear — probably forever. Mostly we think about the jobs of burger...

/ November 10, 2022

Unions are Dead; Long Live Unions

Oren Cass’s book The Once and Future Worker is among the most important in living memory on the subject of labor from the conservative perspective. He instinctively gets that there is a pre-economic political relationship in which all economic activity...

/ September 23, 2022