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A Touch of Nostalgia

November 10th, 2005 | 1 min read

By Matthew Lee Anderson

Two posts this evening reminded me of my past. I currently live in Southern California, but my residence has not always been this climatically pleasant.

First, Joe Carter relates this slightly humorous story about his trip to the Evergreen State College as a Marine Recruiter. Turns out one of the locals (a young girl from Aberdeen) had never heard of the Marines. As a one-time resident of a town almost exactly half-way between Aberdeen and Evergreen State (Olympia), I understand Joe’s experience far too well.

Incidentally, thanks to Joe for putting Mere-O on the permanent side-bar. We appreciate it.

Secondly, SCBA member John Gillmartin mentions that Red Green is calling it quits. Red Green (whose real name, apparently, is Steve Smith) has always modelled the quintessential Canadian sense of humor–extremely dry and mildly sarcastic (sounds rather like a fine wine, really!). Though it’s been a few years since I watched regularly, The Red Green Show was always worth the time. Kudos to one of the homelands finest for a fine career.