One of my favorite blogs is Lifehacker, where the motto is “Don’t live to geek, geek to live.” Though not quite a geek myself, I enjoy perusing the site’s daily diet of surprisingly helpful tips for making time on the computer more productive.

Today, the Lifehacker team dished on the top thirteen “book hacks”, i.e. tools and methods to better work with books. And since our readership skews somewhat toward the well-read (or at least, like me, planning to be well-read), I thought the suggestions given might be of interest.

Subjects covered include:

  1. Integrate your local library with your computer
  2. Book hacks for academia
  3. Find books for free or on the cheap
  4. Book hacks for the DIY crowd

Also, make sure to check out the post’s comments section, as readers have submitted other great book related tools, such as the Mere-O endorsed LibraryThing .

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Posted by Elliot Ravenwood

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