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Jonathan Huggins is the Chaplain at Berry College in Rome, GA. He received his academic and ministry training from Wheaton College Graduate School (MA), Reformed Theological Seminary (MAR), and Stellenbosch University (PhD in Theology). He is a Priest in the Anglican Church in North America and a fellow with the Center for Pastor Theologians, author of "Living Justification" (Wipf&Stock, 2013), and has contributed articles to Didaktikos, Anglican Pastor and the Center for Pastor Theologians blog. Follow at @jon_huggins.

The Centrality of Christian Freedom in Protestant Theology

On Christian Freedom is one of three monumental treatises of the Reformation written by Martin Luther in 1520. The work was foundational in defining the theological emphases of the Protestant Reformation, of which Luther himself was a key figure. The...

/ September 19, 2019