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Marriage & My Common Good

“The greatest political storm flutters only a fringe of humanity. But an ordinary man and an ordinary woman and their ordinary children literally alter the destiny of nations.” –G. K. Chesterton I’ve recently returned from celebrating my wife’s grandparent’s 6oth wedding anniversary. Their...

/ June 25, 2012

A Word of Caution on the Same-Sex Marriage Debates

Oliver O’Donovan: The old conservative aspiration to recover the jewel of minimal government out of the ashes of conflagration is delusive. A government will find agreement wherever it can, and will enforce it by all such measures as it can summon to...

/ June 21, 2012

The (Mis)Use of C.S. Lewis by Christian Libertarians

As the idea of gay marriage has become increasingly acceptable in American culture and as the legal institutions have begun to accommodate it, it has become increasingly popular among evangelical Christians to argue for a complete separation of Church and...

/ June 30, 2008