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Mere Fidelity: Big Questions

Matt takes up the hosting role yet again, as Derek is still missing (don’t worry, we’re assured he’s alright, and his Twitter account still seems to be functioning). He’s joined by Alastair and Andrew, as per usual, to talk about...

/ October 27, 2015

Mere Fidelity: 50th Episode (Ask Us Anything)

Last week, we gave you the opportunity to ask the crew some questions. You did so. And now, to fulfill the promise made, here they are, answering some of them.

/ October 20, 2015

Mere Fidelity: Animals

Matt, Andrew, and Alastair are joined this week by Karen Swallow Prior (welcome to Pulpit & Pen folks, who seem to follow her around!). The topic this week? The recent statement put out as part of the Every Living Thing...

/ October 6, 2015

Mere Fidelity: Ryan Anderson

Matthew Lee Anderson, Derek Rishmawy, and Alastair Roberts are joined this week by Ryan T. Anderson (no relation to Matt). The guys talk about quite a lot in this episode, so we’ll go with bullet points: Ryan’s new book, Truth Overruled,...

/ September 29, 2015

Mere Fidelity: Refugees

The full cast discusses the issue of refugees, particularly overseas. Alastair has previously written on the situation here.

/ September 22, 2015

Mere Fidelity: Hermeneutics

Derek Rishmawy is joined by Andrew Wilson and Alastair Roberts, leaving Matthew Lee Anderson out of the equation this week. They tackle Christ-centered hermeneutics, with particular reference to Tim Keller’s work. If you enjoyed the show (AND ONLY IF), leave...

/ September 15, 2015

Mere Fidelity: Sermon

A couple of months back, the podcast looked at the age-old question: Should Women Preach? Matt, Alastair, and Andrew are back to discuss sermons more broadly, rather than weighing in on who or who should not be preaching them. If you...

/ September 1, 2015

Mere Fidelity: After Obergefell

The usual crew expresses how grateful they are to have actual contact with Matthew Lee Anderson (who is off of Twitter, in case you hadn’t noticed). Then they get to the topic at hand: the Obergefell v. Hodges decision. Matt has previously...

/ August 4, 2015

Mere Fidelity: The Pastor Theologian

Derek and Alastair are joined this week by guests Dr. Kevin Vanhoozer and Gerald Hiestand. They’ve each co-written books (different books, no less), which you can find here and here.  In their discussion, they talk a bit about the Center...

/ July 7, 2015

Mere Fidelity: What Adoption Is and Isn’t

Today, the folks of Mere Fidelity tackle adoption. We’re drawing on the following text from Oliver O’Donovan’s Begotten or Made: Adoption is not procreation, and does not fulfil the procreative good of marriage. It is a charitable vocation indicated to childless copules...

/ August 6, 2014