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The Ethics of Healthcare Rationing

The call comes in the middle of my clinic session at the hospital in rural Kenya where I work. I apologize to the patient in front of me and answer my phone. It’s the emergency department at the hospital in...

/ April 3, 2020

Sacraments, Technology, and Streaming Worship in a Pandemic

To stream or not to stream? That is the question facing empty churches across the country. At least, that is, how to stream and what to stream—few appear to have considered the possibility of not streaming at all. But why...

/ April 2, 2020

Deaths of Despair and Lives of Hope in a Cynical Age

Upon falling into the hands of Giant Despair, Christian and his friend Hopeful were imprisoned without any provisions for days on end and while enduring beatings. In John Bunyan’s 17th-century allegory Pilgrim’s Progress, Christian eventually laments, “Brother, what shall we...

/ April 2, 2020

The God Who Hears Our Laments

Pastoral theology is tested in a time of crisis. War, famine, natural disasters, and plagues are winds that sift chaff from wheat, or purifying fires revealing so much dross mixed with the precious gold of the gospel.

/ April 1, 2020

The Perpetual Motion Machine and the Pandemic

My grandmother is eighty-five years old. She will die someday. I want her to die well and, in the meantime, to live well. She lives with my aunt about ten minutes from where I live with my wife and four...

/ March 31, 2020

Public Reasoning in a Pandemic: Responding to Moore, Reno, and Littlejohn

The rapidly expanding number of Covid-19 cases in the United States poses an extraordinary test of our nation’s institutions and their leaders. In recent days, a discussion has broken out about how we should integrate our interest in preserving and...

/ March 30, 2020

“No Wealth But Life”: Moral Reasoning in a Pandemic

Two weeks ago we awoke from our dogmatic slumber of American exceptionalism to realize that the coronavirus was not merely some “Chinese virus,” or the bane of aging Italians. America, and her public officials in particular, have been playing catch...

/ March 27, 2020

On Being ‘Pro-Life’ in a Pandemic

What does it mean to be ‘pro-life’ when we’re in the midst of coronavirus and our economy is crashing as we try to contain it? The question has received some attention in recent days, in part because of our President’s...

/ March 25, 2020

Learning in Quarantine

For my students On 9/11, I was a senior in college. It was my birthday, in fact. After sleeping in (as I said, it was my birthday), I came downstairs in my off-campus apartment. I couldn’t find anyone. It was...

/ March 19, 2020
Mere Fidelity

The Coronavirus Discussion

Matt, Derek, and Alastair sit down to discuss COVID-19 and how the church can respond to the current global pandemic. How should the church gather, is this some kind of act of judgment, and what practical habits are helpful to...

/ March 18, 2020