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On Alton Sterling and Philando Castile

I’m breaking a personal rule I try to follow with stories like this one: Don’t say anything publicly for a week. But the point I want to make is relatively simple so hopefully the lack of time to think won’t...

/ July 7, 2016

Should Evangelicals Hijack Black Lives Matter?

I’m pleased to run this guest post today from my friend Steven Wedgeworth. You can learn more about him in his bio below or follow him on twitter @wedgetweets. The recent discussion over InterVarsity‚Äôs Urbana conference and the Black Lives...

/ January 11, 2016

On InterVarsity and Black Lives Matter

Over the holiday break a small storm in the evangelical blogosphere broke out over Intervarsity’s recent endorsement of Black Lives Matter at their annual Urbana event. Most notably, many commented on the speech given by Michelle Higgins, director of Faith...

/ January 6, 2016