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A Truth Above All Contexts: Daniel Kirk, Whiteness, and the Theological Interpretation of Scripture

I’m pleased to publish what is a predictably comprehensive critique by Alastair Roberts of some recent work written by Daniel Kirk, who has become one of the main intellectual leaders of the post-evangelical left. The Revisionism of the Theological Interpretation...

/ October 18, 2016

The Battle for the Bible and a “Literal” Hermeneutic

According to a piece recently published in the Los Angeles Review of Books evangelicals are losing the battle for the Bible—and they’re fine with that. In the review essay, author Jim Hinch quotes several recent books as well as an interview...

/ February 25, 2016

Mere Fidelity: Hermeneutics

Derek Rishmawy is joined by Andrew Wilson and Alastair Roberts, leaving Matthew Lee Anderson out of the equation this week. They tackle Christ-centered hermeneutics, with particular reference to Tim Keller’s work. If you enjoyed the show (AND ONLY IF), leave...

/ September 15, 2015

Controversy and Interpretation: A Review of *Biblical Womanhood*

Rachel Held Evans’ new book, A Year of Biblical Womanhood, presses evangelicals on the right spot.  But what she doesn’t do is as important as what she does, and therein lies a tale. I’m going to skip the backstory, as...

/ November 5, 2012